Ainsdale Clinic, Southport

Ainsdale Centre for health and wellbeing was commissioned by Sefton Primary Care Trust with a value of £2.5m.


The centre comprises a new rectangular shaped, 1,312m² building on two floors. There is ground level parking, GP Practices, Podiatry services, Health promotion and education, a range of Outpatient Consulting and Treatment services, Minor surgery and a Pharmacy.


The building was designed and constructed to achieve NHS NEAT standards.


The project to build Ainsdale Centre for health and wellbeing was developed in response to the various reviews of healthcare provision undertaken across North Merseyside in the early 2000's.


The resulting healthcare strategy called for the provision of better healthcare services located across the region in such a way as to make a wider range of services more easily accessible to the general public.

A Centre for the Whole Community

gbpartnerships worked closely with Liverpool and Sefton Health Partnership (LSHP), who are the developer, to ensure value for money, affordability, best practice and 100% transparency, which is so vital when spending public money.


Working in partnership with the LSHP, it is important that healthcare buildings continue to improve to be able to ensure that a range of high quality, modern services are delivered in the community.

Partnership Working

LSHP is a strategic partner for delivering Liverpool PCT's agenda to provide fit for purpose primary care centres.


Our track record in LIFT development and construction projects has given us a particular understanding of how partnership working and procurement can lead to tangible benefits to our clients, the users of our services and our supply chain partners.


We work in partnership with PCT's, Local Authorities, GP's, Pharmacies, Shareholder groups and Stakeholder groups. Through our strategic Partnering Board, we identify gaps in service delivery and provide a forum for all stakeholders to develop new initiatives, before producing a comprehensive Strategic Delivery Plan.

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