Antelope House, Southampton

Working with the local Mental Health Trust, gbpartnerships designed and delivered Antelope House, a new adult mental health in-patient facility serving the population of Southampton and its environs.


gbpartnerships manage the provision of a Hard FM service value of £146k per annum, soft FM together with a Life Cycle cost of £4.7m and reactive maintenance over a period of 30 years.


Hard services include building, electrical, mechanical and grounds maintenance. Soft services include cleaning and security. Within the contract there is a payment mechanism based around availability of the clinical areas. gbp manage the performance of the FM provider in respect of the payment mechanism and also the whole service over the term of the project. Management of FM within a building providing predominantly community mental health services can be more onerous than the normal GP facility. This required a rigorous management system, which gbp has developed for the management of FM services.


This new 6,300m² facility had been in the planning stages for many years and was long awaited. The new facility comprises 50 single inpatient beds, a ten bed Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit, Therapy services and facilities to meet a range of local requirements including therapy, treatment and activity space in a modern partial three storey building. Co-located within the inpatient unit is a Home Treatment service, which provides support in the community.


The building was specifically designed to enhance the high quality of care and provide a safe therapeutic environment for patients with internal courtyards and secure recreational areas.


The building is open and spacious to provide space, which is purposely designed not to be viewed as institutional, but still retaining the necessary levels of security. Each bedroom has its own en-suite toilet and shower and has been carefully designed and tested down to the very last detail. The whole building is bright, light and brings staff together in one place. Artwork was provided from local colleges and the community.


The Department of Health’s National Transforming Community Services programme was introduced to develop people and leaders, innovate and improve services, reform systems to support high quality, 21st century care at or close to home and to improve health outcomes. The development of the Antelope House facility is an example of this initiative being achieved and having a positive benefit at local level. The new building has clearly enabled the Mental Health Trust to integrate existing services and develop and provide new services for the community in a building, which has a domestic non-institutional environment.


gbpartnerships and the Mental Health Trust achieved a high level of partnership working that enabled the strategic goals and vision of the Trust to be jointly discussed and fully understood, leading to a better outcome in terms of building design, layout, costs and the ongoing operation and maintenance of the building. 

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