Central Canvey Primary Care Centre, Canvey Island

This state-of-the-art 21st Century health centre is located in the heart of Canvey Island and provides first class medical services and facilities for patients across South East Essex.


Central Canvey Primary Care Centre has become one of the community’s main focal points and an integral part of the regeneration of Canvey Town Centre.

This was the first project designed, financed, constructed and maintained by South East Essex LIFT Limited (SEEL) as part of a public/private partnership.

Not only does the Centre provide fast, convenient, high quality integrated services by working in conjunction with other parts of the local health and social care systems, but has a flexible approach allowing it to respond to changes in technology and local demographics.


SEEL provides a facilities management and life cycle replacement services for the Central Canvey Primary Care Centre, the building and grounds are maintained to a high standard over a 25 year period. These services are provided through a contract which is actively managed and reported on by our Business Performance Team to ensure a good level of service. Any problems are reported to a 24 hour helpdesk and dealt with in accordance with a strict set of timescale parameters.


A good on-going relationship exists between SEEL and the building users, regular Tenants Meetings are held as an opportunity to raise concerns and provide feedback. Feedback is also sought through a process of user interviews aimed at understanding and improving the user experience.

Transforming Community Services

A broad range of services will be offered by the centres including GP surgeries, a pharmacy, blood taking and community nursing services. It has become a community hub which will be used by both local groups and residents.

A Centre for the Whole Community

SEEL worked closely with the Primary Care Trust to ensure value-for-money, affordability, best practice and 100% transparency, which is so vital when spending public money. Working in partnership with the Primary Care Trust it is vital that healthcare buildings continue to improve to be able to ensure that a range of high quality, modern services are delivered in the community.

Partnership Working

SEEL brings together a wealth of knowledge and expertise, in both the public and private sector, to be able to design, construct, finance and maintain the building of a new Primary Care Centre in communities across South East Essex.


As part of the outline business case an analysis of the available procurement routes was undertaken. The conclusion was to proceed with SEEL and the Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) process using the established supply chain that has substantial experience in a variety of primary and community healthcare projects across the UK. This circa £6.3m project is financed through SEEL, funded by the bank and shareholder funding.

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