Forest Road Primary Care Centre, Enfield

The building opened on 13th March 2006 ahead of schedule, and is fully operational.

The Forest Primary Care Centre is one of the first of a new breed of Primary Care Centres, which provides integrated health facilities for its local residents.


The centre is already serving over 20,000 patients and offering services to thousands more. Patients have welcomed the wide range of services and the design and style of this large new facility. The community are now able to get diagnostic tests and treatments, previously only available at the local hospital, on their doorstep.


Through partnership working with Barnet PCT, Elevate Partnerships were able to realise the vision of providing purpose built, flexible space to deliver a range of services to the locality.


At Forest Road, in Enfield, Elevate Partnerships have successfully demonstrated how, through working closely with other stakeholders, we can unlock complex land issues and deliver best value utilising commercial opportunities. This project is within the Barnet Enfield & Haringey Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) area.


We produced a master plan that met the regeneration aspirations of the local authority and also achieved a commercially viable project. Following careful negotiations with the local authority and a housing association supply chain partner, Circle Anglia, agreement was reached to pool land and share infrastructure costs, including the relocation of an electricity sub-station. This enabled the site to be developed to its maximum potential and in the most economic manner. By understanding the commercial and legal requirements of all parties we were able to propose a solution, which offered tangible benefits, and achieve the optimum land value, for all parties and maximised the value, whilst minimising the risks for the PCT.


The completed scheme incorporates a mixed tenure residential development alongside the Primary Care Centre. The master plan features a 43 bed Extra Care Housing scheme which provides services to the older people in the local community such as hairdressing and meeting rooms. In addition new homes for key workers have been provided alongside housing for sale.


A number of key benefits have been achieved including:

  • Maximising the land receipt to the PCT through careful integration of car parking arrangements and shared infrastructure costs
  • Overage provisions to ensure the PCT benefit from any uplift in land value
  • Creation of high quality, secure and sustainable new development
  • Contributing towards the regeneration of the local neighbourhood
  • Multiple partners and mixed use development

Transforming Community Care

The Forest Primary Care Centre is a purpose built Primary Care Centre providing the local area with services closer to home in a single fit for purpose environment that provides diagnostic and treatment services in a one-stop approach.

A Centre for the Whole Community

The 3,800m2 building includes 4 GP surgeries, minor surgery suite, dentist, nurses, pharmacy, phlebotomy, baby clinics, family planning, leg ulcer clinic, speech and language therapy, drug and alcohol services, health visitors’ offices and a café, as well as facilities available for the local community groups.

Partnership Working

At Forest Road, we worked with Enfield PCT, the Local Authority and Circle Anglia Housing Association (our supply chain partner for the Barnet Enfield & Haringey LIFT Project) to develop the site adjacent to the new Primary Care Resource Centre as part of the regeneration masterplan. In a particularly complicated land assembly and transaction, we managed to reach agreement delivering a scheme that provided 37 residential units and a 43 place Extra Care Housing scheme for vulnerable elderly people.


The outcome was a capital receipt for the PCT, complete with overage arrangements, enhancement of land values through access works and parking arrangements for the Local Authority, new residential units to help regenerate the area and house local people and extracare housing for elderly people in the community.

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