Property Solutions

gbpartnerships understands the changing environment and seeks to provide property solutions to address the needs for the optimum infrastructure for service delivery. As well as continuously adapting to the needs of the local landscape, we innovate to offer long lasting, increased value to our clients and wider stakeholders.


The 2014 Five Year Forward View provides a broad consensus on what a better future should be and sets out a clear direction for the NHS – showing why change is needed and what it will look like. Key initiatives include:


  • A radical upgrade in prevention and public health

  • Primary and acute care systems

  • A ‘new deal’ for GPs by investing more in primary care


There is an increasing demand from central government for GPs to take a more active role in the management of health and social care provisioning. gbpartnerships can help GP practices comply with statutory obligations to ensure standards of quality and safety are adhered to, within their premises as a means to achieving this. A main challenge within the NHS is dealing with change management effectively, which to those delivering services may seem to have little impact. In these circumstances, gbpartnerships is able to offer professional advice on where GPs have such obligations and what action they are required to take to fulfil their requirements; to aid compliance and provide the comprehensive and high quality care needed.  


Today, many GPs still practice from poor quality premises whereby list sizes are significantly higher than the national average; placing a strain on the delivery of high quality, primary health care. gbpartnerships can offer estate solutions for primary care premises to overcome such issues and enable GP practices to meet their minimum standards. These premises could benefit from a wide range of services from traditional GP services and unscheduled care to minor surgery, blood testing, diagnostics and other outpatient services in modern, purpose built premises. The results we help deliver assure patients, commissioners and government of an improvement to the patient experience as well as efficiency savings to the NHS.

Local Government

Local government has long been recognised as the most efficient part of the public sector but at a time of immense budget pressures along with the prospect of further funding cuts, Local Authorities face some of their greatest challenges yet. Their task to reshape services in a way that meets the needs of local communities whilst operating within the new financial realities, remains. gbpartnerships has worked in partnership with Local Authorities, nationally, to successfully assist in providing property focused solutions in conjunction with addressing the needs of the local health and social care landscape, at this level. gbpartnerships has expertise in providing valuable, cost effective property solutions within health, social and community environments and maximising productivity by providing direct, tangible support to Local Authorities.


Our portfolio includes some of the following examples:


  • Childwall - whereby our services were used to promote regeneration and provide much needed community facilities
  • Forest Road - working with London Borough of Enfield to deliver social housing and extra care as well as a health centre, as part of a wider regeneration scheme

The Health and Social Care Act

The Government Health & Social Care Act is a radical structural reorganisation which changes the Commissioning services in England, with new Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWBB) being established to improve integration between the NHS and Local Authority services. gbpartnerships understand the concerns and the complexities within Healthcare Commissioning, having worked with both Trusts and Local Authorities in providing the infrastructure for the provision of integrated services.

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG)

CCGs  - Transforming the healthcare system, with fewer resources. CCGs will take over commissioning from primary care trusts and will work with the new NHS Commissioning Board. gbpartnerships can assist and work with you to provide solutions as to how services can be delivered within the new challenging environment CCGs are now faced with.

National Commissioning Board (NCB)

Clinical commissioning groups will take over responsibility for commissioning the majority of NHS services in England. It is likely that the NCB will be responsible for approving investment in infrastructure and will have a close relationship with NHS Property Services. Under the coalition government's plans for NHS reform, commissioners will need to deliver a sustainable system in the most challenging environment in decades. gbpartnerships can advise on the management of estate and the requirement for new facilities.


The way in which community health services are provided has changed little since the NHS was established in 1948. Community health services have suffered from many years of inattention and underinvestment. As a consequence, the services provided vary widely in terms of performance and productivity, and the necessary facilities and support, both managerial and technical, are often lacking. Yet the challenges faced by community services are increasing significantly: care is shifting from hospital to community settings, the population is ageing and the number of people with long-term conditions is growing. There is a compelling case to modernise services and to improve the degree of co-ordination with other services, particularly in primary and social care. gbpartnerships are able to provide modern, fit for purpose facilities in easily accessible locations to give you the best opportunities to meet these outcomes.


These changes and requirements will mean that providers will have estate requirements of their own and gbpartnerships can assist by preparing business cases, undertaking property searches, conducting condition surveys, providing plans for improvement  and developing premises. This will then allow providers to make the most of their assets as well as having the premises liabilities dealt with professionally in order that they can concentrate on important service delivery.