Asset and Engagement Management 

Asset and Engagement Management provides a robust and efficient commissioning, operating and business management model which is of the highest standard, forward-thinking and constantly reviewed to provide a one stop shop for clients, tenants, local authorities and third party organisations.



The Asset and Engagement Team assume operational responsibility for the management of each building providing a single point of contact.


There are multiple facets to the service which can be delivered as a ‘whole or segmented’ model, dependent on client requirements.  This can include:-


  1. Operational commissioning of a building(s) 
  2. Asset and engagement service dealing with all operational aspects   
  3. Move management
  4. Building auditing / utilisation studies
  5. Provision of a business management tool to provide accurate and relevant reporting 


Our Asset and Engagement/Operational Team ensure that buildings are safe, compliant, and utilised efficiently, particularly looking at service needs and void space to help make informed decisions on income generation and changing needs of business.


Day to day responsibility for operational/asset management of a building can include but not be inclusive of:-  


  • Managing building occupancy
  • Maximizing building utilisation
  • Marketing void space
  • Maintaining Standard Operating Procedures
  • Providing monthly reporting on Key Performance Indicators, to include but not be exhaustive of - occupancy/utilisation, compliance to statutory requirements, financials, defects/issues
  • Ensuring external maintenance contracts are monitored and any shortfalls in service provision addressed
  • Ensuring that asset registers are created and maintained
  • Maintaining logs of statutory requirements i.e. fire alarm testing, fire drills across each site
  • Management of schedules of accommodation ensuring appropriate time and space is available for activity
  • Liaising with third party tenants to ensure that they are complying with building policies



For further information please contact:

Wendy Spencer


Development and Enterprise