Life Cycle Management

The gbpartnerships Estates & Business Performance Management team (EBPM) oversees the Facilities Management service provision to over 30 buildings geographically spread throughout the UK and ensures that the services provided effectively maintain the building to the contracted standards. We undertake this major task by means of monthly service reports, regular general building inspections, individual work inspections, meetings with the centre managers and tenants representatives.

It is acknowledged that good efficient and regular planned maintenance regimes can extend the life of items of equipment - boilers/lifts/pumps/heating systems etc. However, such equipment can fail unexpectedly and there comes a time when extensive replacement/refurbishment is necessary to ensure that building availability is maintained and the standard of finishes/equipment is contract compliant - hence it is good practice to establish a “Life Cycle reserve” to cover such costs.

The amount of monies required for a Life Cycle fund can be significant over the life of a project however by its nature lifecycle expenditure is cyclical. Therefore, this needs to be carefully managed within the overall financial allocations and their needs to be a “pragmatic approach”.


gbpartnerships is able to review the planned maintenance regimes, Life Cycle plans and costs for individual buildings prepared by the Facilities Management service provider, to achieve the optimum balance necessary to meet the required standards. We have developed a systematic approach to the management of Life Cycle reserves to ensure the continuing availability of buildings and to ensure 'value for money' using our knowledge and experience along with reference to industry norms and standards.  

Compliance with statutory legislation is checked by inspections of the FM reactive maintenance records, certificates of compliance, review of planned maintenance records, HSAW records, statutory legislation inspections etc. by our EBPM team.

For items that do require replacement under the Life Cycle maintenance provisions a clear and integrated process system is used to ensure that works are clearly identified and any expenditure is appropriate and correctly recorded.


Any Life Cycle expenditure request is reviewed and details of the works to be undertaken and the associated costs closely checked. These applications are checked by the EBPM team with requests for further information/maintenance records etc. as necessary to ensure that the application is appropriate and any lifecycle works undertaken are inspected prior to final payment.

Following approval of Life Cycle work requests the EBPM team carry out regular inspections of work in progress and undertake completion inspections to ensure that such works are to the required standard - included within this process is the close liaison with the tenants representative to minimise disruption to the building users during the works.