gbpartnerships work with our partners and clients, both public sector and private sector, to deliver bespoke development services. We understand that each client has different requirements and we adapt our service to best serve the clients needs.


Our aim is to offer value for money solutions including tailored financing options to ensure the client achieves the best possible outcome. We have extensive experience in financing and developing property from small health centres through local government buildings to large new hospitals and have to date completed developments approaching £300m in value.


We work with the NHS and local councils as well as private organisations and understand the different needs of each client group. In particular we value the benefits of partnering to ensure that the objectives of the organisations involved are aligned using open book accounting and building strong working relationships.

As property investors and owners we understand the long term requirements of clients and work to ensure these are achieved. This includes accommodating the constraints a client might have that may influence their decision making throughout a development.


We aim to add value to the development process by using our extensive experience and relationships in development and property finance where we can achieve market leading results from innovation and familiarity with the process.

We have an established supply chain to assist with the delivery of development projects. This includes designers and contractors as well as financing organisations that allow us to choose the most appropriate supply chain for the task in hand.

Probably the key part of the project that dictates the degree of success is the initial formative stages where those early decisions can have a lasting influence of the structure and progress of any project. This is an area in which we take the greatest care to ensure that decisions made are the right ones and accommodate the main objectives of the client as well as recognising constraints.


The development strategy adopted must recognise the likely problems created with planning and the political issues that need to be resolved before the commitment is made to the significant expenditure of development funds. We look carefully at the potential risks that are associated with these to ensure these are fully considered before taking any development to the next stage. This ensures that any problem areas are removed and avoids unpleasant and costly surprises when they are most inconvenient.

The services we offer typically include:


  • Project & strategy assessment
  • Project financial modelling and analysis
  • Property finance
  • Project finance including Public Private Partnerships and LIFT
  • Management of project risk
  • Development management
  • Project management
  • Property management
  • Long term asset management

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