Health and Wellbeing

A large part of the gbpartnerships Asset and Engagement service is engaging with the local community. We have transformed our buildings into active community hubs; not just places to visit when unwell.


The Asset and Engagement Management team are committed to improving the health outcomes of the local community and making connections with numerous agencies to ensure that people are signposted to the correct support and assistance that they need. The team can provide a robust, tested, effective and co-ordinated approach to enhancing health outcomes in any city/region.


We focus on providing local people and communities with well planned and well articulated health promotions. In the recent past, numerous events have been held; engaging over 26,000 people. This has been achieved through:

  • Health and Wellbeing events;
  • Information stalls;
  • Clinics and
  • Signposting


Examples of some of the agencies involved as part of our health promotion within the community, include: Citizens Advice Bureau, Healthy Homes, Food Bank, Drug and Alcohol service, Slimming World, Fag Ends, Diabetes and much more!

Benefits and added value of Community Engagement include:


1. Time effective for patients


2. Improving the patient experience


3. Not just GP practices but a place to pick up health and wellbeing advice


4. Ready-made audience to showcase local activities / groups



"As with all the community engagement activities, the Asset and Engagement Managers try to be imaginative and look for new ideas all the time. On this occassion they were able to arrange for the Cancer screening I-Van to visit the centre, making use of the large car park. The van screens for skin cancer and looks at moles or other marks that have the potential to be dangerous. We were made aware of one lady who had a mole in an area of her body that meant she was too embarrassed to visit her GP to have it checked out even though she had concerns. After initial consultation in the unit she was immediately referred to the hospital where it was removed before developing any further, so saving more invasive,costly and difficult treatment in the future."    

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