Sustainability in the estate has environmental, financial and social effects. gbpartnerships endeavours to maximise the benefits in both new build and refurbishment projects.

Environmental  benefits are meeting the goals of the client, society and the Government in respect of energy use, recycling and carbon footprint.

Financial benefits are reduced utilities costs, tax incentives and waste reduction.
Social benefits are an enhanced reputation and an improved environment for staff, patients and users of the facilities which has a health benefit to the local community.

We can advise on how to achieve this in the development of estate. Thereby permanently reducing your energy consumption, improving your infrastructure, reducing your corporate risk and improving the working and customer experience.

With a number of drivers increasingly supporting the move to a low carbon economy gbpartnerships has embed the concept and practice of sustainability into its culture and processes and has developed a range of services available to the changing public and private sector service environment.

Working with a leading independent consultancy we have developed a step by step programme which can be readily implemented in a healthcare organisation or other organisation with only small modifications to reflect the differing requirements.

Using the statutory legislation / NHS standards & guidance along with other relevant information sources as a road map, the gbpartnerships model address the main criteria / guidelines set:

  • Energy & Carbon management
  • Procurement
  • Low carbon travel / transport 
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Designing built environment
  • Organisation & Workforce development
  • Role of partnerships & networks
  • Governance
  • Finance


Case Studies

gbpartnerships and its specialist consultancy partner is able to provide a complete service. We can also utilise existing information and work with your existing staff to implement the programme in a short time period.

The key targets that we can help you in achieving are:

  • Reduce carbon emissions by 10% against the 2007 benchmark
  • Meet energy efficiency targets and benchmarks
  • Achieve BREEAM “Excellent” for new buildings and “Very Good” for refurbishments
  • Assess existing properties against BREEAM XB
  • Develop a Sustainable Development Management Plan
  • Carbon Reduction responsibility and management
  • Assess & evaluate all capital developments using whole life costing
  • Utilise schemes that support investment in energy efficiency initiatives

Download further information here:

Sustainability Project Sheet
Adobe Acrobat document [2.1 MB]