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Updated: Jan 24, 2020

What a fantastic football season this has been, records broken, some amazing matches during the last month, and still the Champions League & Europa Finals to come…  Both Manchester City and Liverpool have shown unbelievable consistency and flair, winning games week in week out and their respective managers are quite rightly lauded for their motivational skills and the way they manage, support and guide their teams of likeminded professionals.

How do they do it?  What is their secret…………….

The approach and style that these high-profile managers adopt is well documented, and largely boils down to a combination of strategy, tactics, player management, recruitment, science and performance analysis and never taking their eye off the end goal – literally.

Can we apply the same principles to the corporate world and running a business? Absolutely..! 

There are a huge number of factors that play a part in the life of a successful business, and taking each of the above factors in turn, gbpartnerships have applied them all in one sense or another through 18/19:

  • Strategy – diversification has been the buzz word this last year, and we have given a lot of consideration to how we continue to grow our existing business and clients within the Health sector, whilst stepping into new and challenging arenas.

  • Tactics - The major focus for the business this coming year is to grow our presence within the UK Care sector, we certainly believe gbp has a lot to offer, bringing our energy, innovation and absolute professionalism to a sector that is facing some challenges.

  • Employees & Recruitment – Two new senior roles were created and we were delighted to appoint Gary Naylor and Sean Carroll as Regional Directors.  In addition, we are rolling out a new process for appraisals and development reviews and also providing the necessary tools to firstly assess, then deliver the most appropriate methods for managing our teams and promoting best practice.

  • Science & Performance Analysis – The business is now of a scale that we need to gather a number of metrics and report on an increasingly diverse range of performance measures.  Our financial and operating performance reporting has improved significantly, this provides the management team with better quality information and analysis, allowing us to make better informed decisions.

So, can we liken Elaine Siew to Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klop?!  I will let you decide ;-). However, one thing is for certain, the task of steering a business like gbpartnerships through a period of growth, change and uncertainty, cannot be delivered alone.  In addition to the hardworking and dedicated teams and managers, we have worked closely with a range of partners, associates and friends who have supported our story:

  • @Phil Galvin at Alliance Manchester Business School and the MBA Consultancy programme

  • @Bernard Savage from Size 10 and a half boots for helping us to think it all through

  • All at @communityhealthpartnerships as we continue to manage and deliver 1st class buildings and estate within the Health sector

  • Mark Richards from who is working with us to modernise our website and other documents and templates.

Thanks to everybody for your help as we continue to focus our talents and energies into pushing the boundaries for the coming year and filling our trophy cabinet with silverware !!!


Paul Ferry - Executive Chairman

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