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Updated: Nov 17, 2019

There is something particularly striking about the business right now, and it is not until you take a step back and try to look at things objectively, that it becomes apparent….

There is such a high level of activity across all parts of the business – projects, process improvements, new ventures, bidding opportunities, new recruits – which indicates a business that is striving to improve and move forward, not prepared to simply rest on its laurels. Here are just a few of these exciting initiatives:

Hexagon – the team are busy developing key relationships within the care sector and looking to deliver supported accommodation/living options to areas where there is a shortage of appropriate facilities. If you have knowledge or insight of areas where demand outstrips supply, please notify the team (Nicky, Nick, George & Alastair);

Developments – Ian has been working hard on a 3PD scheme in Stourport and after some late difficulties it now looks like this scheme will progress, with a likely completion date of Mar 2021. There are one or two more 3PDs hot on the heels of this. Watch this space…;

LIFT Boards – a consistency board has now been established to improve consistency across the portfolio. We have also been delivering plenty of consultancy work, notably NCL locality planning which is quite a large piece of work for us. We are also continuing to deliver minor capital works projects and are likely to start on site at Hythe and Emsworth, a development & refurb project, both funded by ETTF monies;

Facilit8 – we are launching a new ‘brand’ within the gbp stable, Facilit8 will focus on compliance and surveying and already has some new clients/business lined up. If you want further information about this then have a chat with Wendy, Sean or Myles;

gbpfoundation – this is really starting to gather pace now and arrangements are in place for the launch ball in April 2020. Financial pledges of support are coming in from a number of our LIFT boards and we are confident that the gbpfoundation can support some brilliant local causes across all of our patches. More details to follow about how you can help and support the Foundation;

Marketing – we have a new marketing resource! Varun is joining the business and is going to help us put our best foot forward in the world of PR and marketing – we deliver some cracking schemes, projects and work but don’t do nearly enough to spread the word. Varun will be getting around the business to learn more and meet people, so please say hello…;

Huge amounts of initiative, innovation and energy are evident across the whole business and it is great to see. Let’s see where this takes us and what the art of the possible is, as we enter the second half of the year.

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