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Covid-19 virtual roundtable meetings

A number of reports in the media have described Covid-19 as a black swan event. But is it, really?

The triple test for a black swan event is that it is an unforeseen event, that carries an extreme impact, and is retrospectively predictable. No one would question the severity of the impact that this pandemic has had, but whether the event was a genuine surprise and only predictable retrospectively is another matter. After all, health experts have cautioned about the probability and risk of pandemics for years, and Hollywood has profited from the idea through countless movies!

Notwithstanding this, it has unquestionably caused a global scramble for a ‘new normal’.

  • But what does this really mean?

  • Does it mean the same thing for everyone and every organisation?

  • Will it play out differently for different organisations and market sectors?

  • And what are the key actions or mitigations to turn this into a ‘glass half full’ perspective?

Over the past few months, we’ve been supporting our clients in responding to business-critical issues brought about by Covid-19. We’ve also been having discussions around bigger questions that the pandemic has posed. And whilst we have different views to offer, if there is one thing that Covid-19 has reinforced, it is that we can find better solutions through collaboration. With that in mind, during June, we will be hosting three virtual roundtable meetings to discuss ‘the new normal’ being brought about by Covid-19; what it means to you and your organisation, the questions and challenges you are facing and need support with, and the ideas and solutions you are implementing that could help other partners across the health sector.

The meetings will be attended by a small number of senior partners from across the health sector and wider public sector.

If you’re interested and would like to find out more, email: enquiries@gbpartnerships.co.uk


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