HCA aims and objectives is to improve the leisure time and recreational activities for the residents of Holbrooks, to do this HCA will work in partnership with the local authority, voluntary agencies, education, local businesses and residents.

HCA aims to be a community centre that meets the recreational and leisure activity needs for every member of the Holbrooks community.

A consultation carried out in Holbrooks in April 19 illustrated a need for youth services in the area.

This grant will be used to conduct a more specific consultation so we can gather information on the needs of young carers and their siblings (whom may have additional needs) in Holbrooks; the results will enable HCA to partner with appropriate agencies to apply for funding to deliver youth services in the Community Centre.

There are currently 252 young carers in Holbrooks accessing support via their local school or city centre facility.

While it is positive that this service is available there continues to be barriers for some children, 1) due to caring responsibilities the young person may be unable to attend services located in the city centre, 2) the young person may feel embarrassed to access support services in their school, 3) they may want to access support with their sibling.

Offering a community youth service will reduce anti social behaviour as young people will have somewhere to go rather than hang around on the streets.

It is envisaged that the community centre will host a community cafe and will offer services to every member of the community. This grant will enable HCA to start this process, and become a pioneering community centre.


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