Looking backward, moving forward…

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

As I reflect on 2018, I now realise what a significant year it was for gbpartnerships:

· In January 2018 we received news of a significant contract win, delivering MSAs for a further 7 LIFT areas.

· We completed our second successful retail scheme in March with an Aldi, Costa Coffee and Burger King site in Telford.

· In April we commenced delivery of our new MSA contracts, welcoming 12 new colleagues who TUPE’d across.

· Mid-year we opened 2 new regional offices, one in Manchester and the other in Southampton, to better serve our areas and support our growing business.

· During the summer and autumn, we conducted a full review of our corporate strategy and internal structures, with three key questions in mind:

1. How do we do things better?

2. How can we do more for our existing clients?

3. How do we secure new clients?

After such a busy and successful year, we are now looking to implement several major changes in 2019, a fundamental shift for the business and probably the most important since gbpartnerships was born from the MBO led by Elaine Siew, our Managing Director.

The ‘can do’ attitude within our teams is starting to flourish, a positive inclusive culture is coming to the fore, and we are on the cusp of some very exciting times!

So, what does this mean for 2019 and beyond?

New Regional Structure – we are moving from a functional to a regional structure, with 2 new regions covering the North & South, better facilitating the scale we now have across the country and also to capitalise on the local and regional opportunities that we are seeing. Two new regions also means two new Regional Directors, and we are delighted to welcome Sean Carroll (North) and Gary Naylor (South) to their new roles.

New Developments – At heart we are a developer, its our core business and skill set. We are establishing some exciting new strategic partnerships which are taking the business in new directions. Our pipeline of development opportunities is the healthiest it has been for several years, and we are looking to close a number of these deals this year. In addition, the pipeline within our traditional heartland, the health sector, is finally beginning to gather momentum.

Leadership – Elaine has strengthened the leadership team with some shrewd appointments, including Sean and Gary into the Regional Director roles, meaning the business is now well equipped to capitalise on the opportunities ahead.

You may be waiting for me to reveal the management or leadership punchline here…. the management guru that inspired this change or, the latest leadership theory that is in fashion this year...?!

Well, rather than be disappointed, I’m really pleased to tell you that this was all down to plain old hard work, common sense and a consistent message. If we can do it, then so can you….

If you would like to understand more about the changes we are making and the new opportunities we are exploring, then please get in touch with either Elaine or myself and we will be happy to talk it through over a coffee.

Elaine.siew@gbpartnerships.co.uk 07860 921107

Paul.ferry@gbpartnerships.co.uk 07901 330796

Paul Ferry - Executive Chairman

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