New facility developed in conjunction with our partner Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

We are delighted to be able to share with everyone the new facility we have developed in conjunction with our partner Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.

LSHP was appointed by the Trust to develop a new £1.5m centralised Medicines Management facility on the Ashworth site. Approx. GIFA of 690m2.

Designed to comply with relevant HBN, HTM's, Statutory Regulations, Secure by Design and best currently recognized industry practice.

Services include - the main dispensary, a robotic store and Medicines Information service.

Many NHS hospital pharmacies now utilise robotic store technologies; this offers a more efficient storage solution and reduces the required building foot print.

The inclusion of the robot compliments ward based automation (WBA) and underpins the Trust's innovative approach to medicines management. With the current development of Electronic Prescribing the Trust is moving closer to a full electronic solution for medicines management.

The centralised location of the unit creates opportunities to grow and innovate services further.

The new Medicines Management Facility became operational in early 2018.

Client: Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Developer: LSHP

Contractor: John Turner Construction Group Ltd

Architect: Day Architectural Ltd

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