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What is Third Party Development?

3PD is simply the delivery and development of new primary care premises on behalf of GPs, Integrated Care Systems and other associated healthcare partners by a specialist ‘Third Party Developer’. The developer will then grant a lease for the space occupied.

How are we different?

gbpartnerships group is a multi-faceted group of companies with a proven track record in consultancy, property development and asset management.

We work nationally and unlike some developers in the sector, we have staff based across the country. This enables us to have local knowledge and be able to react quickly.


We are a long term partner with experience managing a portfolio of over 80 primary care properties. 


Why work with a 3PD Development Partner:


gbpartnerships recognise that development is not your ‘day job’. Development is a time-consuming and complex process.

We have the resource and expertise at hand to ensure matters are progressed. We will fully involve you in the decision-making process but allow you to dedicate your time to running your practice.


Having developed and managed over 80 new build primary care centres of varying sizes, scale and complexity, we fully understand both development and the primary care sector.


Primary care development is a specialist sector, necessitating an
in-depth knowledge of NHS design guidance. Guidance can change regularly, but our experienced supply chain stay constantly abreast of all relevant legislation. By working with gbpartnerships you can be assured of a modern, fully compliant facility.


Finding an appropriate site is often the hardest part of property development.


Being both a Primary Care developer and a commercial developer gives us the flexibility to look at innovative solutions to develop excess land, should larger sites become available.


Property development is an inherently risky process. Planning, financial and legal approvals can be difficult to achieve and take a long time. The costs associated with these lengthy processes are considerable.


Up-front expenditure, on-site investigations, due diligence, consultant design fees, planning and the like can also prove costly.


gbpartnerships will carry all of these risks and costs, removing them entirely from the practice.

Succession Planning

The current difficulties of attracting and retaining GP partners is well documented. A number of practices are finding the requirement to buy into expensive premises equity is putting off potential GP partners.


A leased building takes away this burden and allows more freedom of movement to new and existing GP partners.


Traditional GP practices tend to be converted residential properties. These could be owned and developed by GPs as they were at a relatively affordable level.


The move towards delivery of more modern and complex services within a primary care setting, coupled with ever more onerous guidance and regulation, has led to the requirement for larger, more complex buildings. This size and complexity requires considerable investment, often making owner occupation unviable.

Case Study

Project: Stourport Medical Centre, Worcestershire
Client: Wyre Forest Health P

Size (m2): 1950m2 GIA

Capex: £7m

Project status: Completed


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