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gbpartnerships Privacy Notice

Our contact details:
9th Floor, Cobalt Square, 83-85 Hagley Road, Birmingham, B16 8QG
T: 0121 456 5662
Data Protection main point of contact: Stewart Batchelor

What type of information we hold:
We will hold on to basic “business card” information for yourself, specifically:

  • Name, Job Title

  • Email address (work)

  • Phone Number (work)

  • Company you work for


How we get the information and why we have it:
Information is collected via email (to either a shared mailbox or one of our employees), through a publicly available forum (e.g. and web contact form.

We hold this because of our legitimate business interests relevant below, and, in some cases, to enable us to execute a contract between two or more organisations.

What we do with the information:
We use the information to keep you updated on our services and industry related information.

We also use the information to enable to complete any communication / contractual obligations we have with yourself (e.g. bids, ongoing contracts, business development)

We also will use your contact details to request optional feedback from yourself so that we can improve our services, and ensure we have delivered your requirements satisfactorily.

How we store your information:
The information will be kept on our email servers in the first instance with the main point of contact. This may be shared where we need support from specific colleagues to execute the activities we are undertaking with yourselves (see above on “what we do with the information”).

We keep the information until the activities relevant to our working relationship with yourself are complete, plus our standard retention period for the activity undertaken (no longer than 6 years). In some instances, this may require us to share the information with line management (e.g. if one of your contacts leaves the company) so that we can provide continuity with yourself to the completion of the activity, or fulfilment of the retention period.

We don’t store hard copies of your data (unless required, such as a signatory on a contract we are required to keep a physical copy of), and all data is deleted electronically at the end of the retention period.

Your data protection rights:
At any time, you have the right to:

  • See the information we hold on yourself (submitted in writing),

  • Correct information if something changes or you find an error (such as change of name, address, etc),

  • Have your personal data deleted – however note that where tied to a contract, bid or other formal activity, we will continue to liaise with any other relevant parties to ensure that we complete our obligations,

    • Where we hold customer satisfaction data from yourself, we will delete your PII and completely anonymise the response, but for the purposes of data analytics and help us improve our services, we will retain fully anonymised records of your provided responses

  • Object to how we use your data and have it excluded from that action


How to complain:
In writing to:

Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

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