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Tailored to meet your needs and delivered by an experienced team, our  Estates and Sustainability Advisory Services have been designed to provide you with the dedicated expertise that will enable you to plan and manage your estate sustainably.

Sustainable estate planning and management spans both built/physical and organisational/human assets. It informs the allocation of resources and their prioritisation. Delivering positive change and improvement through driving out waste, increased efficiency, and by investing in social capital.

We look forward to working with you and supporting you on your journey.  Read on to find out more or click the button below to arrange
a conversation about how we can help you.

Estates & Sustainability Advisory Services:
Guiding your journey to Net Zero Carbon
and enhanced Social Value

Technical Advisory
& Delivery

Whole-life support for your asset management
and delivery.

We offer strategic and technical support to service providers and estate teams to:


  • maintain accurate information

  • assess current performance

  • establish priorities

  • put robust strategies in place

  • manage existing estate effectively

  • plan and execute developments effectively and efficiently.

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Delivering Green Plans

Now that all Trusts and Integrated Care Systems have produced their inaugural Green Plans, the focus turns to delivery.

We can work with you to deliver your targets and help ensure you contribute to the NHS targets. The next three years will be critical in not just delivering on the Green Plan, but also in the identification of emerging requirements, innovations and technology available to embed sustainable operations through services and buildings.

We can use our extensive knowledge and experience to guide you through and keep you up to date and on track.

Carbon Reduction Planning

The NHS estate is an integral part of the health system’s efforts to become more sustainable and reduce its carbon footprint, as it is responsible for approximately four per cent of the UK’s carbon emissions every year.

e can work with you to help answer three key questions to drive carbon reduction and increase the sustainability of your existing estate: 

1.  How well do you utilise your buildings?

2. How well does the building fabric conserve energy?
3. How 'green' are your energy inputs?

Social Value Assessments

With such a pivotal role that Integrated Care Systems play in society, delivery of the NHS social value priority areas is key to making a difference by maximising social, economic, and environmental benefits, improve health outcomes and tackle health inequalities, in addition to increasing value from every pound spent and delivering on the NHS commitment to reach net zero carbon by 2045.

We can support you with the development of Social Value strategies and help you embed social value throught the organisation.

Our Impact 

We work in partnership with NHS and public sector organisations to unlock complex estate challenges, planning, developing, and maintaining the highest quality, sustainable health and public buildings that serve the needs of communities, now and in the future. 

At every stage we look for opportu
nities to support our clients in achieving their
Net Zero ambitions. The case studies below provide information on some of our most recent work carried out across the gbpartnerships group.

Our Sustainability Commitment 

gbpartnerships is committed to ensuring a sustainable future through responsible business activities.
We are actively working towards reducing carbon emissions, achieving Net Zero by 2030, and, making a positive contribution to the communities in which we work.


We are leading the way through incorporating carbon reduction initiatives into our work with partners to achieve NHS Net Zero targets.  With the teams’ expert knowledge of BREEAM Excellent, Passivhaus and Net Zero Carbon designs informing the ‘fossil fuel free’, highly insulated designs for all current and future projects.

gbp’s key value of being “accountable to all” has driven an increased focus on Social Value, committing to specific measures in contracts and frameworks in relation to training, apprenticeships and local supply chain.

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