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Day 12 on the 15 Days of Christmas Giving: Bude Surf Veterans (BSV)

On the 12th day of gbpartnerships’ 15 days of Christmas giving, a £250 donation has been made to Bude Surf Veterans (BSV). BSV gives Military Veterans, Blue Light Services and their families an opportunity to socialise, surf and support one another in an informal and friendly setting, without judgement or questioning.

Integration back into civilian life is often a challenge for veterans. BSV, with its focus on the surfing experience gives people the activity and excitement that creates well-being, the chance for quality family time and re-engagement with the non-military world: in turn this provides networking opportunities for work, whether paid or voluntary, and connection to the wider community. Sometimes veterans have finished their military career but the memories and experiences can live on in distressing ways.

Engaging in BSV activities, specifically surfing, plus being understood without having to explain oneself, and knowing support is there if needed, all help in an individual’s recovery.

The community group was nominated by gbp’s Group Business Development Director, Hugh Robinson who is a keen surfer. Hugh told us a little more about why he nominated BSV:

“A friend of mine helps to organise BSV. He summarised their work as: ‘we bring some of our veterans back from a really bad place’. BSV need £400 per year to rent their storage beach hut (for boards, wetsuits etc.) so this donation will go towards helping with those costs.”

Thank you for nominating BSV, Hugh. You can find out more about BSV here:

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