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Your Strategic Estates 

The Strategic Estates Partnership Model

gbpartnerships, via the LIFT framework through North Central London LIFTCo’s, have become the Strategic Estates Partner to the North Central London Integrated Care System (ICS).

The Strategic Estates Partnership model combines the local clinical and operational knowledge of the NHS, together with the ICS/ICB’s in-house estates team, with the expert estate professionals of gbpartnerships. Through this combination, an enhanced cohesive and dynamic estates function has been built.

The gbpartnerships team works seamlessly with ICS counterparts to formulate and realise intelligent
system-wide estates solutions, delivering improved and more efficient health services to local communities.

The model delivers significant benefits and efficiencies to the NHS.

Benefits of the embedded
Strategic Estates Partner model

Greater Expertise

Access to a much wider range of expertise, technical support and depth of experience to call from.

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Commercial know-how

Direct access to gbp’s commercial acumen when delivering schemes.

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Retained Knowledge

Consistency of personnel creates stability, aiding organisational memory and saves time. 

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Value for Money

The certainty of a longer-term revenue stream means gbp are able to offer a discount on standard day rates.

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Embedded team members can be deployed quickly and proactively undertake activity based on their knowledge of the system.

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Comprehensive Baseline / Evidence Base

To progress and move the programme from planning to successful implementation.

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Link to Central & National Policy

Links through to CHP and Central Government Department mean we are kept updated with central and national policy changes

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Supporting Your Priorities

The development of Integrated Care Systems over the last two years has looked to enhance the partnerships between
NHS organisations, local councils and others in order to allow organisations to work together and coordinate services more closely, to make real, practical improvements to people’s lives.

Our Strategic Estates Partnership model can enhance these partnerships, and support your system priorities by:

Boosting ‘out-of-hospital’ care and reducing pressure on emergency hospital services through coordination of community infrastructure and service re-design.

Facilitating an increase in digital pathways for primary and outpatient services through investment in digital infrastructure.


Support a focus on population health & local partnerships with borough-funded services, as part of the ICS model through a better understanding of local demographics and services.

Accelerate infrastructure project delivery through an partnership approach that builds on local capacity and capability.

Facilitate integration through development of 
multi-disciplinary hubs and coordinated provision of care centred around residents’ needs.

Support access to funding through an informed investment planning process and alignment to national funding opportunities.

Case Studies

The partnership between North central London (NCL) Integrated Care System and gbpartnerships has delivered on multiple levels, with the following key highlights from over the past 12 months:


  • Estates support for the Primary Care Network (PCN)

  • COVID-19 Vaccine programme and booster programme

  • Development of PCN Estate and Clinical Infrastructure Plans

  • Worked with Integrated Care System (ICS) partners to establish a process for joint NHS and council led health development

  • Formed closer working relationships with organisations within the ICS

  • Securing Significant investment to improve the primary and community care estate

  • Provided technical support to the NCL Community Diagnostic Centre Programme.

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