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Christmas gifts for disadvantaged & displaced children in Albania, Montenegro, Moldova & Romania.

gbpartnerships’ staff volunteering scheme is designed to support and encourage staff to get involved in volunteering with charities and causes that are close to their hearts. Staff have access to four paid days per year to undertake volunteering activities. It is just one of the ways in which the organisation invests in partnerships and relationships that make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Estates Manager, Rachael Samain, recently used her volunteering days to support Rotary - a worldwide voluntary organisation made up of people who are dedicated to “service above self” - by taking part in their shoebox scheme.

Rachael’s volunteering days consisted of assembling shoeboxes full of toys and necessities to be handed out as Christmas presents for disadvantaged and displaced children in Albania, Montenegro, Moldova and Romania. 30 boxes were decorated, built and filled with hygiene products, school equipment, books, hats, gloves and small toys.

Rotary have been operating for over 25 years and have delivered over one million boxes, they are a UK registered non-profit charity with no paid employees. All boxes are created by volunteers from any background, with our own, Rachael Samain being one of them.

As we can see in the images below, Rachael has made many lovely boxes, that will go out and bring a little joy to many children in need this Christmas.

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