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Delivering impactful Community Diagnostic Centres

gbpartnerships has been supporting the NHS in planning and delivering some of the first Community Diagnostic Centres (CDCs) that have opened across England. As recommended in the Richards Report, the new CDCs are transforming how patients access and receive care closer to home.

The report recommends the need for a new diagnostics model, where more facilities are created in free standing locations away from main hospital sites, including on the high street and in existing sites. This provides quicker and easier access to a range of tests on the same day, supporting earlier diagnosis, greater convenience to patients and the drive to reduce health inequalities. Nicola Theron, Director of Estates North Central London ICS commented:

“The establishment of the two CDCs in North London has supported acute trusts across NCL with their elective recovery and will help to support partners in managing future pressures by providing a flexible resource that can be used as needed. Having a partnership across the ICS means novel patient pathways can be developed targeting longer term improvement in overall population health outcomes and in tandem with capacity management across the system. A co-developed public-private-partnership solution enables NHS partners to focus on working up clinical models, linking with providers to manage patient pathways, working through IT, digital opportunities, and recruitment, with the private sector focus on managing the construction and delivery process, costs, and timetable risks."

With insight gleaned from CDC projects delivered in a range of settings from shopping centres to operational community health centres, gbp can help you navigate your CDC project from early planning stage through to successful delivery. If you’d like to find out more visit here or get in touch, we’d be delighted to hear from you.



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