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Productivity-Boosting Projects for North-West NHS Trusts

Rationalisation & Space Planning, Corporate, Clinical & Back-Office Services.

gbp consult has recently completed productivity-boosting projects for two large NHS community and mental health Trusts in the North-West of England. These projects were integral to the Trusts' productivity programmes, focusing on hybrid/agile working and the rationalisation and relocation of corporate and clinical offices.

Rationalising the estate is probably the fundamental lever to enabling how we ‘deliver the same or more activity with less capacity’. Our team worked to define the opportunities for how both Trusts could use their corporate and clinical sites more effectively. We pinpointed opportunities for estate rationalisation and space reduction, highlighting potential recurrent savings.

Both Trusts embraced our recommendations, leading to the rationalisation of their sites and spaces, the relocation of hundreds of staff, and the creation of room booking processes and systems. These changes have resulted in substantial real estate revenue savings.

The projects involved extensive stakeholder engagement, data analysis, option appraisals, business cases, and space planning. In one project, we also facilitated the relocation of clinical services to enhance patient experience, as the existing sites were inadequate due to their location and condition. Implementing our recommendations will reduce the Trust's estate from seven properties to four, consolidating patient-facing services into a clinical environment designed to meet diverse patient needs and foster collaborative workspaces for staff.

Key Benefits Delivered:

Improved Patient Experience

Patients now receive care in enhanced conditions, leading to better overall satisfaction.

Reduced Costs and More Efficient Space Use

The Trusts have gained greater control over their working environments, with spaces tailored to team requirements.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

The reconfigured work environments have fostered better teamwork and communication.

Improved Utilisation

The reduction in property costs allows for reinvestment into more patient-facing activities within the Trust.

Net Zero NHS

The projects support the creation of a more sustainable working environment, reducing the Trusts' carbon footprint.

Case Study: Achieving c.£2 million in Property Cost Savings

Client: Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

This case study highlights a successful corporate relocation and

rationalisation project we completed for Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, resulting in approximately £2 million in property cost savings.

Productivity Boosting Projects for NHS Trusts
Productivity Boosting Projects for NHS Trusts

Find out more about our work here.

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