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A donation in the name of friendship

Willowbrook Hospice, an independent charity formed in 1993, provides free specialist palliative care to people living with life limiting illnesses and their families in the communities of St Helens and Knowsley.

Located in the borough of Knowsley, Merseyside, Willowbrook proudly gives everything they can back to the community. Its costs over £4.5 million to run the Hospice each year and only 1/3rd of this is provided by Government Funding. The remaining 2/3rds is dependent on fundraising events and campaigns.

The work of the Hospice is especially close to the heart of a gbp’s Group Services & Quality Director, Wendy Spencer. Wendy and her family have been involved with Willowbrook over the past 30 years and more recently, she had the heart wrenching experience of her dear friend, Melanie Geraghty, being cared for by the dedicated Hospice team at the end of her life in 2021.

To honour the memory of Melanie and the friendship between her and Wendy, the gbpartnerships foundation has donated £1,000 to Willowbrook. The money will be put towards plans that are in development for improvements to be made to the in-patient accommodation at the Hospice.

Wendy commented:

“Melanie Geraghty is my best friend, a friendship that stood the test of time for 23 years - what a privilege it is to be able to say that. She was kind and a great listener, always a wise word, overflowing with support and encouragement. Melanie had such a zest for life and with great enthusiasm and joy I got to share so many experiences and happy times with her - having a friend with a good heart and positive energy is truly a blessing. Sadly, Melanie was diagnosed with incurable cancer in 2021 and admitted to Willowbrook. The Hospice team provided her with the most amazing care and support during her time with them and when Melanie died, she asked that people donate to Willowbrook instead of buying flowers. The money Mel raised will go to the refurbishment of some of the Hospice’s bedrooms and the kind donation from the gbp foundation will mean that even more can be done to make improvements to the accommodation at Willowbrook. I would like this donation to be made in the name of friendship – it truly is the most powerful thing a person can have.”

Melanie Geraghty


If you would like to find out more about the work of Willowbrook Hospice and make a donation, please visit:

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