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Ashgate Hospice receives support from gbp foundation to help pay for essential equipment.

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

As with many charities, Ashgate Hospice in Chesterfield has struggled to raise funds during the pandemic, with the closure of their charity shops restricting the amount of income they have been able to generate.

Lisa Brettelle, gbpartnerships Lead Estates Business Performance Manager nominated the Hospice for a donation from the gbp foundation as the charity is particularly close to her heart. With the Hospice anticipating the most difficult winter it has ever faced, every little helps, and the donation from the gbp foundation will go towards helping to pay for essential equipment. Rachel Broughton, Senior Corporate and Community Fundraiser, Ashgate Hospice commented: “We are very grateful to gbpartnerships for choosing Ashgate Hospice to receive £1,000. This wonderful donation has come at a really crucial time, during the winter months the demand for our services increases but, this year with we anticipate this to be higher than ever causing huge pressure on the Hospice. Which is why we are delighted that the donation from gbpartnerships has paid for essential equipment needed to provide care to patients both at the hospice and in the community, thank you”.

Ashgate Hospice provides compassionate, specialist palliative and end of life care, free of charge, to patients with a life-limiting illness and their families across North Derbyshire. Their vision is that everyone in North Derbyshire with a life-limiting illness, and the people important to them, can make the most of every moment together and that they can die with dignity and comfort.

For patients with the most complex needs, there is an Inpatient Unit. However, most patients are cared for at home by a team of specialist nurses, specialist therapists and healthcare professionals. This enables them to stay where they feel most comfortable for as long as possible.

To find out more about their work visit:

Left to Right: Rachel Broughton, Senior Corporate and Community Fundraiser, Ashgate Hospice, Becky Jones, CSR Manager, gbpartnerships group.


Picture below of the Gazebo purchased by the Hospice with the funds from the gbp foundation.



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