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Building in Resilience, an estates response to Covid-19

Drawing on the combined experience of gbpartnerships and Murphy Philipps Architects, the newly published document, Building in Resilience, identifies key issues that need to be addressed in existing buildings as well as in future buildings where business cases are currently being written.

If approached in the right way, estate should be a powerful enabler for service delivery, rather than a barrier. Building in Resilience will guide estate managers and commissioners in thinking through key principles, helping to inform robust future-proof estate strategies.

Read 'Building in Resilience' in the online publication below:

To download a printable copy of Building in Resilience, click on the link below:

Building in Resilience Brochure _Final_1 . Download • 5.74MB

Elaine Siew, CEO, gbpartnerships commented:

gbp has been supporting clients in responding to business-critical issues brought about by Covid-19, most recently, with the vaccine rollout programme. Building in Resilience draws on that experience and shares a range of ideas and potential solutions for the most challenging of circumstances.”

Marc Levinson, Partner, Murphy Philipps Architects commented:

“Whether adapting or modifying existing estate or developing new purpose-built facilities, the approach to design shares similar considerations. Building in Resilience sets out four main Design Principles, these enable buildings to be flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of activities on a day-to-day basis and also increase their longevity and adaptability in the long-term. Crucially, they also ensure that facilities can continue to operate during extreme situations such as the recent pandemic, by allowing for social distancing and other protection measures. We believe that this can addressed whilst maintaining a therapeutic environment that provides an exemplar patient experience and supports evolving clinical models of care”

If you’d like to find out more or speak to someone who can help, email the gbpartnerships team at:

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