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Cogs Education, supporting young people's mental and physical health

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Cogs Education, Liverpool delivers preventative projects around mental health. They offer a range of creative, interactive, and preventative programmes designed to help improve young people’s resilience skills, aspirations and attainment by removing mental health barriers to their social, emotional and academic development.

The funding from the gbpFoundation will deliver two, eight-week programmes for 30 young people to explore the connections between mental and physical health.

The programmes will support the young people to produce a creative project; a short film, play, dance or art project - strongly led by the young people themselves. Participants in the programme will be given the opportunity to discuss positive and negative mental health and discuss their own if they feel confident to do so. The programme will also equip them with coping mechanisms for when they’re feeling low and exercise to help them identify their own support network and sources of local support.

For more information about their work, visit:

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