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Courtyard Gardens at Fareham Community Hospital officially opens

The Courtyard Gardens at Fareham Community Hospital were officially opened by The Right Honourable Suella Braverman KC MP and The Worshipful the Mayor of Fareham Michael Ford and the Mayoress Anne Ford last week (Friday 28 October), including the unveiling of a tree for the Queens Green Canopy project, located within the hospital grounds.

The project has been organised and majority funded by The Friends of Fareham Community Hospital (FFCH) a local volunteer group formed of Trustees, supporters and Patrons. The FFCH provide a number of support services to patients and staff of the hospital, and regularly organise fundraising events which contribute towards improvements for the hospital and its users.

The Courtyard Garden project which started its planning in October 2021 was an initiative to improve the courtyard area in which the Chemotherapy unit overlook and aims to bring some comfort and tranquil to patients.

The courtyards were previously dark and uninteresting areas within the hospital, but have now been transformed into bright, modern and calming spaces. The two courtyards have also been renamed, with the central courtyard named ‘Festival’ which reflects the ever-changing colours from the trees and shrubs in every season.

With the second courtyard being named Jubilee, which aims to be a spot for rest and reflection.

Community Health Partnerships (CHP) and LIFTCo partner, Solent Estates Partnerships have been proud to support and provide vital funding for the project.

CHP’s Operations and Relationship Manager, Lee Williams worked closely with volunteers from the FFCH and provided site access and assistance for the project, aswell as running through ideas for the garden designs.

Solent Estates Partnerships provided funding and support to the Friends of Fareham Hospital to enable the purchase of new planting and ground coverage.

Lee Williams from CHP said:

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to have supported this project, the volunteers from The Friends of Fareham Community Hospital have done a fantastic job, and the area will bring much joy and pleasure to all who view and visit it.
It will also help improve the health and wellbeing of patients and staff and I look forward to seeing the plants and trees mature and develop in years to come”

Rachael Samain, Estates Manager from Solent Estates Partnerships said:

“It has been wonderful to have been part of this project and work closely with all parties to create a fantastic environment that will be of huge benefit to patients and staff within the building. It is also wonderful to have a lasting tribute to the Queens Platinum Jubilee year and be a part of the Queens Green Canopy project. I am looking forward to seeing the courtyards flourish over the coming seasons.”

Anne Ford, Chair of The Friends of Fareham said:

“We at the Friends were approached pre Covid to look at doing a project on the Central courtyard. We were able to secure additional funding which meant we could undertake works on both courtyards. Local donations of cash, materials and time have enabled us to complete two beautiful courtyards. The Central courtyard (the Festival Courtyard) will give chemotherapy patients a beautifully relaxed outlook and the second courtyard (the Jubilee courtyard) commemorates Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee.
We are all very proud of our achievements and look forward to future projects to maintain and enhance our community hospital.”



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