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Dartmouth Sea Cadets get motoring with a little help from the gbp foundation

Dartmouth Sea Cadets, based out of the Naval Dockyards in Dartmouth, had a boost recently with a donation from the gbpartnerships foundation.

The donation has enabled the Sea Cadets – who have around 35 young people registered with the unit – to purchase a replacement engine for a vessel that had undergone a complete overhaul and service, getting cadets back on the water in time for the Summer.

Nigel Thorpe, [HR1] Chairman, TS Dartmouth, commented:

“The Dory we shall use the engine on is just completing its overhaul and then we are ready to purchase the outboard from our local suppliers. The timing for this is perfect because we are just preparing to go back onto the water for the summer months, weather permitting.”

Sea Cadets has a tangible, lasting and positive impact on young people and they see the benefits being reaped every day across the UK, in units like Dartmouth. For example, Cadet First Class Lewis has been a cadet since he was 10 years old.

Lewis has Asperger’s, dyspraxia and hypermobility. His mum, Alison, says Sea Cadets has helped him to overcome the obstacles that these create.

She says: "Lewis has achieved so much in self-esteem and confidence from his time in the Sea Cadets. He has been an active member of the unit since the start. He has Asperger’s, dyspraxia and hypermobility and finds many activities difficult, or he can take longer than others to do them. With unit instructors' encouragement and belief in him, he has overcome the many obstacles that got in his path. His communication and social skills have come along, he is more independent and confident in himself, and this is also the same for his school life and how he approaches his work."

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