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Day 13 on the 15 Days of Christmas Giving: Urban Goodies CIC.

On the 13th day of gbpartnerships’ 15 days of Christmas giving, a £250 donation has been made to Urban Goodies CIC. Urban Goodies CIC redistribute surplus food to families across Coventry who lack the skills or the money to buy and cook for themselves. The donation from the gbp foundation will enable Urban Goodies to support more people through the winter.

Jane Batchelor nominated the community group for the donation, she explains a little more about their work:

Urban Goodies CIC provides nutritious, affordable meal options for families in need, aiming to alleviate food poverty and isolation. The team of volunteers collect surplus food for a community fridge, cooking nutritional meals from the surplus and providing a community meal in the cafe, as often as possible. More than three tonnes of surplus food - donated by supermarkets across Coventry - has been redistributed by the team – so not only are they helping keep people fed, they are also reducing the amount of food wastage. "

You can find out more about their work here:

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