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Day 6 of 15 Days of Christmas Giving: Royal Life Saving Society

On the 6th day of gbpartnerships’ 15 days of Christmas giving, a donation has been made to Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS). The charity exists to enhance communities so everyone can enjoy being in, on or near water safely – because every life is worth saving.

RLSS was nominated by James Lloyd, gbp's Finance Director and Deputy CEO. The £250 donation will enable RLSS to train someone to be a lifeguard who would otherwise not have the opportunity.

James commented:

“I have been involved with RLSS as a non executive Director since January 2023 and have been lucky enough to see first hand the amazing work that they do. RLSS supporters are an essential and valued part of the ongoing delivery of water safety education and lifesaving skills. We have a huge challenge in cutting down the number of unnecessary deaths as a result of drowning each year and rely heavily on donations to help support our work."

Find out more about the work of Royal Life Saving Society here:

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