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Friday night is Pizza night at Southampton Children’s Hospital, thanks to the gbp foundation.

Having a child in hospital can be an expensive time for families and options for food can be limited, so, the gbpartnerships foundation along with Southampton based charity, Abby’s Heroes, are making Friday pizza nights a possibility for children and their families on the Piam Brown children’s ward at Southampton Children’s Hospital.

With the donation from the gbp foundation, pizzas will be delivered to children and their families who are stuck on the ward and find it difficult to leave sick children while they go and get dinner.

gbpartnerships foundation is committed to providing funding and support for great causes that are important to our staff and the communities in which we work. Recently, gbp’s Estates Manager Rachael Samain came forward with a request for support for Abby’s Heroes who provide help and support for children and their families in Southampton.

Abby’s Heroes offer financial and practical help as well as the opportunity to make lasting memories for the children and their families who come under the care of the Piam Brown and the Teenagers and Young Adults (TYA) wards at Southampton General Hospital.

To find out more about Abby’s Heroes and donate, visit:

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