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Funding creates a Nurture Room for the children of St. Paul's C of E Primary School

gbpfoundation, Arden Estate Partnerships and Integral UK Ltd have come together to provide £5,000 of funding and design expertise to support the creation of a bespoke Nurture Room at St. Paul's C of E Primary School in Stockingford, Nuneaton.

St Paul’s award-winning Nurture Group had been running since 2001, supporting and helping many children over the years. The school doesn’t receive any funding for the group and has survived through fundraising events and donations.

The need for a Nurture Room at St. Paul's was brought into focus by the pandemic when the school began to rethink their current provision and how to best support all of their children and particularly those who we have already identified as vulnerable. Kate Harvey, Deputy Head Teacher explains:

“Once lockdown was announced in late March, we were very much aware that Covid-19 may impact on the mental health of our pupils in many different ways. The disruption to a routine may be stressful for any child, and they may be lonely, confused and lack engagement. Children with existing mental health conditions may find that they are exacerbated by the lockdown. We identified that our current Nurture provision was due for an overhaul and by investing time, commitment and resources - along with support from gbpFoundation, Arden Estate Partnerships and Integral - we are delighted to have created a new space for nurture activities.”

The three organisation’s funding and design expertise has been used to decorate the room, install new lighting, carpets, purchase furniture – all of which was specifically selected to create a calming environment. The space will be used throughout the week for individual children, small groups, and parents’ sessions, meaning more children and their families can access the facility and the school can ensure it meets the needs of their children.

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