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gbp consult’s growing & diverse team ensures clients’ needs are at the heart of the business.

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

gbp consult specialises in supporting the NHS and local councils to drive real and lasting change in local communities. In the last two years alone, the team have delivered over 120 projects across the country, increasingly focusing on multi-agency and system-based outcomes.

A continued investment in skills development and bringing new talent into the organisation means that the team of 31 diverse and expert individuals have a grounded understanding of client needs, based on time served experience within the NHS and the wider public sector. As a result, gbp's clients benefit from support that draws on skills and backgrounds in specialisms as wide ranging as architecture, estates advisory, healthcare planning, accountancy, and clinical services, including nursing, pharmacy, and radiography.

The flexible and dedicated team, which is located across the UK, is led by Sam McCumiskey. Sam joined gbp in 2015, becoming Managing Director in 2020. With 22 years’ experience of working within the NHS at a senior management level, Sam has advanced skills and expertise in healthcare planning, system and service improvement, capital projects, business cases and stakeholder engagement.

Tori Smart is one of the most recent team members to join the growing gbp consult team. She joined the team in September as a Consultant, bringing with her 17 years’ experience of working in the NHS as a Nurse; including 7 years in the emergency department at University Hospital Sussex, where she worked her way up to the senior leadership position of Senior Sister.

After 17 years working nightshifts, Tori was ready for a change, and, following a chat with a friend who also happened to be a gbp client, she applied for a role and joined the team.

Tori brings with her a wealth of highly transferrable skills and experience, including an innate understanding of what makes the NHS ‘tick’ and the challenges it faces. This is already proving to be a huge benefit to gbp’s clients, including the development of Clinical & Estates Strategies for PCNs in Coventry & Warwickshire and a Health Needs Assessment in London.

Tori Smart, Consultant
Tori Smart, Consultant

Tori commented:

“The move into a completely new environment has been a revelation! I am really enjoying the challenge and working within a hugely supportive team. The role has a level of flexibility that I just didn’t have before and it is pleasing that I am able to continue to make a difference to the NHS, albeit in a different way.”

Kyriacos Yerou joined the team in 2020 as a recent graduate, with some previous experience in accounting. The opportunity to work in the healthcare sector and contribute to local outcomes attracted him to the role, along with the potential for growth and expansion.

Unlike other consultancy companies who only provide advisory services, gbp consult are able to apply the gbp group’s experience in property development, asset management, managed services, and long-term partnerships with 14 healthcare systems across England. This end-to-end delivery expertise provides opportunities for ambitious individuals in the team to gain new competencies, for example in areas such as estate development.

Kyriacos Yerou, Consultant
Kyriacos Yerou, Consultant

Kyriacos commented:

“I’ve always been business minded and working with gbp has opened up a world of opportunities working across a variety of healthcare projects. I am able to apply my previous skills and qualifications (1st Class BA Hons and a professional Certification in Management Consulting) to the challenges I face on projects for clients from across ICBs, NHS Trusts and Local Authorities - particularly in supporting the ‘out of hospital’ and ‘care closer to home’ agendas though investment in primary and community estates.”

With over 30 years' experience of working closely with healthcare providers, Jonathan Wilson, Managing Consultant and principal Architect is able to draw on three decades' of experience. Jonathan believes passionately in the power of the physical environment to support integrated service delivery and to promote health and wellness for both service users and service providers.

Jonathan Wilson, Managing Consultant and principal Architect

Jonathan leads on a a wide range of projects within the gbp consult team, with experience embracing NHS and private sector clients, strategic master planning, new-build and remodelling. He has worked in design lead and client advisory roles and has also led biomedical research and residential projects. Jonathan has advised on major public sector developments and served on advisory bodies such as Design Council, CABE and the former NHS Estates Design Review Panel. He is currently an expert advisor with the Design Council.

With more new team members joining gbp consult in the coming weeks, these skills will continue to be added to and enhanced with fresh thinking. Sam commented:

“There is no doubt that diversity adds value to us as a team and also to the clients we are working with. The team holds a wide range of skills and grounded public sector operational experience and work hard on the ‘art of the possible’ and solutions to find the optimum way of getting the job done. The diversity of thought that the team brings adds to that problem solving process for our clients, drawing on a wide variety of skills, backgrounds, and experiences.”
 Sam McCumiskey, Managing Director
Sam McCumiskey, Managing Director

If you’d like to find out more about the work of the gbp consult team and how their skills and experience can help you unlock your complex estate projects, then get in touch, Sam would be delighted to have a chat with you.

Read more about gbp consult and the team's work here.

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