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gbp consult staff awards 2023

Updated: May 4, 2023

Earlier this week, the gbpartnerships consult team came together for an annual general meeting and team building activities. The team reviewed last year’s performance and worked together on this year’s plan.

The formal activities were rounded up by some fun time spent team building and recognising achievements, with an inaugural gbp consult awards ceremony. There was really strong competition for each award and it was really hard to pick just one winner! The first four awards reflect the gbp values wheel and the fifth award was for the best newcomer - congratulations to all of the winners!


⭐Award: Defines who we are - Most resilient in the face of challenge⭐

Winner: Liverpool City Region Place Team: Aamirah Munshi, Joseph Butron, Tara Jones, Susan Unsworth, Hannah Dolan and Sam McCumiskey

⭐Award: Delivers results - Contribution to commercial growth⭐

Winner: Henry Claridge, Senior Consultant

⭐Award: Develops all… Can do … Will do⭐

Winner: Victoria Smart, Consultant

⭐ Award: Sets Standards - Consistent high-quality outputs⭐

Winner: Kerry Lane, Senior Consultant

⭐Award: Best Newcomer⭐

Winner: Anika Gupta, Analyst

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