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gbp foundation, supporting Music Therapy Works to transform lives through music

We often talk about how the gbpartnerships foundation works to support communities and causes that are close to our hearts, and music is a particular passion of gbp’s CEO, Elaine Siew, who recently proposed the West Midlands based charity, Music Therapy Works, for a donation from the foundation. Music Therapy Works provides music therapy, neurologic music therapy, and community music services through both digital and in-person sessions. The charity works in numerous settings including education, health, and hospitals, using the power of music to help people cope with emotional or mental challenges, learning disabilities, developmental disorders, terminal illnesses, neurological conditions, and physical illnesses.

The team of experienced music therapists is led by Chief Executive, Simon Murphy. Simon commented:

“We are extremely grateful for the recent donation from gbpartnerships foundation which will go towards the costs associated with maintaining the wide range of musical equipment used by our therapists in their work. Every music therapy session is different because the therapist responds in a unique way to the person’s needs and creative direction. Most music therapy sessions consist of improvisation, musical games, and occasional use of pre-composed song. This means that the emphasis is mainly on playing music freely – making up the music as you go along. The person’s use of the instruments will naturally reflect their emotional state at that moment. The therapist acknowledges and supports what the person is expressing and supports this with her own music. By playing music freely together the therapist and individual form a therapeutic relationship in which communication and trust are established.”

Music Therapy Works is reliant of donations and grants. If you’d like to find out more about their work and make a donation, visit:

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