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gbp foundation supports Sefton Schools #kNOwKnifeCrime campaign

In a powerful display of community solidarity, school children from across Sefton took part in a relay event on Wednesday April 17th, passing on a vital bleed control kit from one school to another. The event was held to demonstrate how the schools are working together to keep their communities safe, and to raise funds for medical resources to be available in the event someone needs medical assistance.

Having a Bleed Control Kit on the scene of an emergency means responders can provide life-saving treatment within minutes before emergency services arrive. The kits contains everything necessary to enable responder to stop the bleeding and save lives.

In support of this initiative, gbpartnerships foundation donated £500 to the fundraiser. This contribution will go towards funding bleed kit cabinets and essential supplies, further bolstering the preparedness of Sefton's schools to respond effectively to emergencies.

Head Teacher Christina Greaves expressed gratitude for the support received, saying:

"As a school, we are committed to educating our pupils on how to keep themselves safe. Teaming up with the #kNOwKnifeCrime campaign and the London Marathon 2024, we are actively fundraising for bleeding control kits and cabinets to be installed outside our schools in Sefton. The donation from the gbpartnerships foundation marks a significant step towards achieving the fundraising target of £10,000.”

By joining forces with initiatives like #kNOwKnifeCrime, Sefton Schools are not only raising awareness about critical issues but also taking tangible steps to empower their students and protect their communities. Through collaboration and proactive measures, they are demonstrating a steadfast commitment to ensuring a safer, more secure future for all.

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