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Driving Towards Net Zero: gbpartnerships group's Carbon Reduction Plan

gbpartnerships group worked hard through 2023 to drive towards our target to be Net Zero by 2030.

We have made significant headway to becoming an even “greener” organisation and our staff team are playing a huge role in reducing the carbon impact on the environment caused by gbp group activities. Paul Ferry, Executive Chair, gbpartnerships group said:

“We are always striving to make a positive impact on the environment and the communities in which we operate.  The steps we have taken during 2023 have resulted in a reduction of 47.5 tonnes of CO2 which equates to over 28 flights to New York and back. There’s so much more to be done and we will continue to prioritise tackling climate change across all of our areas of business.


Further actions taking place over the next twelve months to reduce gbp’s carbon impact include:

  • Requiring less staff travel by sustaining our remote working practices; and adopting lower carbon travel options (public transport and Electric Vehicles) where travel for work is still required.

  • Rollout of job specific staff training on sustainability and renewable technologies for staff in Estates, Project Management and Development roles.

  • Development of gbp’s ‘Sustainability Working Group’, comprised of well-motivated and environmentally aware colleagues from across the organisation.

  • Using local suppliers and materials with strong environmental policies in place where possible.

  • Reducing paper-based communication with suppliers


🌲Find out more in our carbon reduction plan here.


We look forward to building towards a more sustainable future in 2024 and beyond!

gbpartnerships group worked hard through 2023 to drive towards our target to be Net Zero by 2030.
gbp's carbon reduction plan



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