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gbp staff team donations give Baby Aid Birmingham a lifeline

The legendary generosity of the gbpartnerships staff team didn't disappoint with what can only be described as a mammoth collection for Baby Aid Birmingham at the firm's recent staff day.

With pressure on the Birmingham based charity increasing due to the refugee crisis and a likely increase in demand as a result of the universal credit cut, the donations from the kind hearted gbp staff team has given Baby Aid Birmingham an absolute lifeline. Over the next few weeks, these donations will keep the charity going as they make up packs for families around Birmingham. Almost all of these will be bespoke, individually tailored packs for families based on specific needs. The charity is also planning to make a bulk delivery to temporary accommodation looking after Afghan refugees as they await decisions on their asylum.

Find out more about the work of Baby Aid Birmingham

Twitter: @BabyAidBrum • FB: /BabyAidBrum • Instagram: @BabyAidBrum

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