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gbp supports Big Energy Saving Week

This week is ‘Big Energy Saving Week’ - a national campaign that encourages people to save energy while cutting down on fuel costs at the same time.

In light of recent surges in energy costs across UK households, this week is more crucial than ever. Here at gbpartnerships, with many of the staff team currently working from home, we wanted to share our top tips on how to work from home and save energy.

1. Investigate the biggest energy consumers in your home

According to the energy saving trust (2021), wet appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers contribute to 16% of your total energy costs. There is the assumption that faster cycles use less water and energy, but this is not actually the case. If you are working from home, take advantage of the longer ‘eco’ cycles on your wet appliances to make an energy saving of around 30%.

2. Lift your mood and save energy on your lighting

Are you utilising the natural light that enters your home sufficiently? When working from home, it’s important to have adequate light to prevent straining your eyes but not all this light needs to be manmade. If you are able, try moving your workspace to an area of your home where there is natural light shining through, to save on your energy bills. You might find the natural sunlight also lifts your mood and encourages a break away from the desk!

3. Seal the draughts and keep cosy in colder months

Doing a quick assessment of the ‘draughty bits’ in your home means that you can keep your thermostat at lower temperatures without having to wear three dressing gowns. The main offenders are usually windows, chimneys, and doors and often these can be adjusted through a bit of DIY. For example, filling the gap between the window and frame with metal/plastic strips with brushes or wipers attached. You never know, you might find yourself a dab hand at DIY…

4. Switch off or pay the price

A common mistake we are all guilty of doing is not turning off our laptops off at night after we’ve finished working. Maybe it’s pure laziness or maybe it’s because we are all so excited to start work the next day, but this does no good for your energy bills. This applies to all ‘plug in’ appliances and technology in your home, if you aren’t using it, switch it off at the mains! You could even make a little game out of it by taking a break from your desk and doing a sweep around the house to see if all plugs that aren’t being used, are turned off.

5. Check if you are eligible for the ‘work from home’ tax relief

Whether you’ve worked from home part time or full time, you may be entitled to tax relief for additional household costs for 2020, 2021 and 2022. Although it covers a small amount, approximately £6 per week, it’s enough to make a dent in your energy bills. Check out to see if you are entitled to this scheme.

gbpartnerships are always looking for ways to save energy throughout all of our work. From relatively small activities such as replacing light bulbs for energy efficient LEDs across the estate we manage, new work on supporting the development of NHS Green Plans and larger system wide projects that are supporting the decarbonisation of the public sector, such as the ongoing Worthing Heat Network Project. We have lots of examples and innovative ideas that can make a world of difference. If you want to find out more, get in touch. Email us at:

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