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Improving health outcomes for communities in which we work

Funding for choir supporting people affected by long COVID.

The gbpartnerships foundation is committed to supporting the great causes that are important to the communities in which we work. In line with this commitment, the foundation recently provided funding for a choir that not only supports people affected by long COVID, but also works to reduce social isolation and loneliness.

Misfits Music is an incredibly important source of support to communities within the West Midlands, where it works to improve health and wellbeing, facilitate music-making and foster strong community connections.

Since March 2020, Misfits Music have been a first line of support for their community during the pandemic. As well as delivering online music sessions, they have been offering wellbeing visits and online social events to support their community through the devastating effects of social distancing. The donation of £4,639 from the gbpartnerships foundation, has helped Misfits Music establish the Misfits Choir - aimed particularly at people with respiratory problems, including those affected by long COVID. The Choir has been delivering sessions via Zoom, with plans to run socially distanced sessions inside and outdoors, once COVID guidelines allow. The Zoom session are supported by accompanying videos about breathing techniques, which aim to improve health and wellbeing. Around 20 people have attended each session to date – with plans to increase these numbers as lockdown rules are relaxed. Wendy Spencer, gbp foundation director commented:

“I am delighted that the gbp foundation has been able to support this worthwhile cause, extending our work in the buildings we develop and manage, to support wider improvements in the health outcomes of communities we serve. The benefits of singing and associated breathing techniques are known to help people manage their respiratory problems and reduce stress. Also, being part of a Choir can help reduce social isolation and loneliness – which we know has affected many people throughout the COVID pandemic.”

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