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Joining the dots to build a case for investment in a new Community Hub in Southampton

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

The Business Case for investment in a new Community Hub has been given the green light, thanks to work from the gbpartnerships Consultancy team, commissioned through Hampshire LIFT.

The gbp team played an important role in this exciting Southampton City Council regeneration project, producing a fully developed business case with clear and actionable recommendations and next steps, shaped around the needs of the local community.

gbpartnerships' Consultancy Director, Sam McCumiskey commented:

"Our experienced team were able to help ‘join the dots’, bringing multiple stakeholders from health, local authority, housing, leisure and commercial interests together to build a case that has full political support. The comprehensive business case demonstrates the viability of a new integrated community hub, a flagship site within Bitterne, creating an anchor for improved facilities and investment. This ‘invest to save’ project meets the council’s long-term objectives, whilst improving local health outcomes and social value priorities."

Bitterne, an eastern suburb and ward of Southampton, is an area that has suffered from historical poor health and economic decline. Previous attempts to build a case for investment in the area have struggled to gain political support and buy in from key stakeholders.

With support from the experienced gbpartnerships Consultancy Team, this is set to change, with the development of a new community hub hosting a state-of-the-art leisure centre, library and health services.

The approval of the business case means this much needed regeneration project can now commence. Once open, the hub will bring together health and leisure facilities, that are currently separated by a dual carriageway, under one-roof.

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