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Lean, mean, green machine!...

gbpartnerships' Executive Chairman, Paul, has always had a love of using two wheels to get around. As we come out of lock-down and start to travel further afield, Paul decided to make a commitment to get on his bike more, as a convenient and environmentally friendly way of commuting - with the added bonus of avoiding the crowds on public transport.

And to give himself a bit of a helping hand on longer journeys and up steeper hills, Paul has upgraded his regular push bike to a shiny new electric model, using gbpartnerships’ Bike to Work Scheme - part of our commitment to supporting staff with green travel options and encouraging healthier lifestyles.

Pictured below is Paul with his new bike on his first day back in the Birmingham office after lockdown. (Warning: If you see him out and about, don’t try to overtake - he’s got hidden vavavoom!)

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