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Learning From a Pandemic to Define a New Blueprint for Healthcare Estate

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

This new report shares the discussions from a virtual roundtable event gbpartnerships hosted at the end of June. Clients from across the NHS joined us at the event where we reflected on recent experiences from the response to Covid-19 and discussed the challenges faced across the health sector.

A number of interesting themes were raised, but three considerations that seemed to resonate the most were:

1. changing attitude…to change;

2. one site doesn’t fit all;

3. a new blueprint for primary and community healthcare estate.

The one over-riding message that we have heard from these discussions is that we cannot afford to ignore the lessons brought to us by Covid-19. We need to use these shared experiences and changes in attitudes - and behaviours - to help shape a new vision and a blueprint for primary and community healthcare estate.

We are pleased to share with you this short report, we hope that it will provide a useful platform from which we will continue discussions and work together to develop these ideas and build solutions for the future. If these somehow echo your own experiences of the past few weeks and your aspirations for the future, we invite you to join the conversation on LinkedIn.

Read the full report here

A new blueprint for healthcare estate
Download PD • 1.38MB

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