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Mighty Motivators’ plans for a new multi-sensory room space get a boost from the gbp foundation.

A donation from the gbp foundation has taken Rochdale based Mighty Motivators, one step closer to realising a dream of turning unused storage space into a multi-sensory, multi-purpose room that can be used for a whole range of kids and young adults with additional needs.

Mighty Motivators is a motivational programme that incorporates creative activities, mindfulness, breathing, circus skills and games for up to 50 children and young people per week. The sessions empower individuals to have a voice and learn strategies that enable them to thrive.

Lindzi, who runs Mighty Motivators, wants to refurbish unused space in Trident Gym that she currently delivers activities out of, and is currently raising funds from a number of sources to turn her vision into a reality.

Mighty Motivators donation
Mighty Motivators donation

If you are interested in finding out more about the project or have support that you can offer Lindzi, please contact her at:

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