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On the fifth day of Christmas giving...

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

...the gbpfoundation donated £150 to Project Linus UK, a UK wide organisation providing quilts and handmade blankets to children in need of urgent medical treatment or to children and young people staying in residential homes due to their unique needs.

Project Linus was nominated for a donation from gbpFoundation by Aggie Friel, gbpartnerships Management Accountant. Aggie has volunteered for Project Linus since 2017 and explains what their work means to her:

“Linus UK is very close to my heart. It is difficult for me to contemplate the “storm” of emotions an individual goes through when they see a young person deeply affected by serious health issues yet they remain totally powerless and unable to make them better. In situations like this, a handmade quilt made with love, brings warmth and comfort to the little ones as well as their parents and guardians.
2020 for many people has been a difficult year and reasons for this are endless. Quilt and blanket making allows Linus volunteers to put their creative skills to a good use. For many people getting involved, making a quilt has been a lifeline as their own loneliness caused by lockdown allowed them to use their time constructively and bring the sense of hope and that “virtual” hug to those who remain in hospital in these very difficult times we are currently facing.”

The donation from the gbpfoundation will go towards much needed funding that Project Linus have been unable to raise due to the cancellation of quilt shows and events this year.

Find out more about the work of Project Linus UK:

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