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On the ninth day of Christmas giving...

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

This Christmas, the gbpfoundation is making a range of donations to good causes and charities that are close to the hearts of our staff.

On the ninth day of Christmas giving, the gbpfoundation donated funds to purchase some jigsaw puzzles to support the work of the Fareham Community Hospital Dementia memory group, facilitated by the Friends of Fareham Community Hospital volunteer group. Rachael Samain, Estates and Business Performance Manager, put the group forward for a donation:

A few years ago, Fareham Community Hospital set up a volunteer run Dementia memory group, where patients and carers come for group coffee, biscuits and a chat. This coincided with the LIFTCo’s work on making the hospital building Dementia friendly, with a formal accreditation.
The group has proved very popular and has had to be extended to two sessions every week. They work closely with the Alzheimer’s society, who also provide a support worker to be present at these sessions to counsel carers and help with any issues faced.
The group has been an absolute lifeline to carers who are able to meet with others in their situation and provide connections, in what I can only imagine is a very lonely and challenging situation whilst caring for a loved one with this terrible disease.
Within this group they perform activities for the patients, along with puzzles, sing songs and games whilst reminiscing about the old days. I know that the puzzle’s will be a welcome new addition to the group.”

Plans are coming together for a more substantial donation to the group in the new year – so watch this space!

Find out more about the work of the Friends of Fareham Community Hospital volunteer group here.



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