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On the twelfth day of Christmas giving...

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

This Christmas, the gbpfoundation is making a range of donations to good causes and charities that are close to the hearts of our staff.

On the twelfth and final day of Christmas giving, the gbpfoundation donated £250 to support the ongoing care costs of Becky Kemp (Bex), who at the age of 32 suffered a brain stem stroke and is paralysed from the neck down, cannot speak or eat food, and suffers from Locked In Syndrome.

Bex’s story was brought to the attention of the gbpFoundation by Nick Smith, gbpartnerships Senior Development Manager. Nick explains a little more about Bex and how the donation will help her:

“I know Bex personally who, despite her prognosis of locked in syndrome, remains upbeat and is able to now communicate via adaptive software.
Bex is currently being cared for in the Dean Neurological Rehabilitation Centre in Gloucester. Wherever she decides to live after she leaves the rehab centre, Bex will need adaptations to meet her physical needs and a care package to help her deal with life after this devastating stroke.
This donation from the gbpfoundation will go towards helping Bex’s and her family fund her future – and support the fundraising events they have planned for 2021. I know that all support is greatly appreciated.”



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