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Saving Coventry United's Ladies Football Club

Two days before Christmas, the ladies of Coventry United Football Club found out that their beloved club was going into voluntary liquidation. These ladies have battled superbly all season and always have time to sign an autograph and inspire the next generation.

In an attempt to show the Club support and help raise funds to pay wages, a Crowdfunder was launched by two of the team’s biggest supporters, Alice and Hattie Mogan. When the cause came to the attention of gbpartnerships foundation, we were only to pleased to join the Crowdfunder and and support the campaign that lead to the Club being saved.

We're keeping everything crossed for a bright future for them! Latest Updates: Coventry United handed reprieve after 'verbal agreement' is reached to save club from liquidation:

To find out more visit the Crowdfunder page here.



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